You sign twice and your witness signs once

  • Step 1

    Sign your Deed Poll, once for your NEW Name and once for your CURRENT Name, if your signature is unique you can carry on using it, and sign the deed poll for both new and current names.

  • Step 2

    Your witness signs once, he or she will also need to handwrite their name, address and occupation  (FAMILY MEMBERS ARE LEGALLY NOT ALLOWED TO WITNESS YOUR DEED POLL) A Neighbour, work colleague, friend are ideal they must be 18 or over. 

  • Step 3

    You should then begin to make a list of all your record holders e.g. Bank, Work, Driving Licence etc. We advise you update your Bank Account first. (Your Passport will only need updating if you intend to travel 3 months beforehand, and a fee will be payable.)

  • Step 4

    Post, call or visit any of your record holders if you are missing any information e.g. Account numbers, reference numbers etc. 

  • Step 5

    Please remember your current ID must be used to support your name change along with your Deed Poll Document.

  • Step 6

    Even though you have executed your deed poll you may need to prove you're using your new name officially for all purposes with certain data holders, this is done by producing your Deed poll along with a Utility Bill, Driver's Licence, Bank account statement, HMRC.....etc.  Showing your new official full name, it takes about 3-5 weeks generally to gather all your updated documents

  • Step 7

    Enjoy your new name