Adult Deed Poll Application

Legally, you are permitted to change any part of your name e.g. forename, middle name, surname, or your entire name.

This includes making an alteration in spelling, or re-arranging existing names. Our fees start from £7.99 (Postage is included.) Your Deed Poll will be professionally presented, drafted and printed on  high-quality 100gsm paper. Your document will be sent in a plain window envelope for confidentiality. Extra copies are just £1.50 if ordered at the same time as your master copy — Apply online before 2.00 pm weekdays for same day posting.

Once you have completed the form, you will then receive a ePDFDeedPoll™ manually drafted, checked and sent the same day by: for you to view and print - use same day if need be. This is a legal, certified and verifiable  document once printed and executed.

We will deliver the following to your chosen delivery address within 1-3 working days: 

Your UK Deed Poll Document (By Freepost)
• Your additional certified copies, should you require any.
• A list of the top ten record holders who you will need to inform of your name change.
• Written instructions explaining how to sign your Deed Poll with your witness.
• A covering letter to send to  organisations  instructing them to change their records to reflect your new name.


  • Apply Online

    Available 24/7

    Telephone 10-5pm Weekdays

    Back office 7am - 11pm

  • Receive your eCopy Deed Poll

    Ideal if you are intending to print and use your deed poll same day

  • Then receive your Deed Poll in the post with all your corresponding documentation

    Prepaid envelopes

    Offline Archiving

  • Execute your Deed Pol

    (Sign & Witness) basically, you sign your deed poll in front of a person independent from yourself and aged 18+

  • Notify

    Your Bank - Driver's Licence - Passport Service - HMRC - National Insurance

  • Enjoy your new name

What does a deed poll look like ?

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