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Everyday people visit Halliwell, McGregor & Docherty to use our secure, easy to follow online Deed Poll Service, knowing, they are in Trusted established hands. We also understand of the complexities involved in changing a name, whether that happens after a marriage or before a marriage, In separation or in changing a child's name, there are so many reasons.  We deliver a proven and trusted service to make sure you or your child's Deed Poll is delivered legally and professionally, saving you time and money. We have been drafting deed poll documents online since 2007,  and have issued thousands of deed poll documents to adults and their children worldwide. With HMD, a name change using a deed poll will enable you to legally and confidently change your or your child's name.

Surprisingly, people still get confused about what a deed poll is. Some people think it's a certificate, while others think it's an official office. In fact, it's neither. The deed polls we draft are classed as un-enrolled, so fewer legalities are necessary for the drafting process, thus saving you time and money and also allowing you to continue with updating all your official documents to reflect your new name. Please be assured that our business is run at the highest professional standards and we will continue to help you change a name legally and effectively using a deed poll.  (enrolling a name change)

HMD is also known to the DVLA, British Passport Service, banking, Interpol etc. for issuing deed polls on a regular basis. So we can guarantee you that, if we prepare a deed poll for you or your family, it will always be accepted. (We offer a full money back guarantee.) All our deed polls are prepared individually and then given a unique barcode that will give you and HMD immediate access to your deed poll in the future, should that be necessary. We also give you the option to permanently erase your deed poll from our system, which will prevent future searches, and would mean the need to resubmit a new application. This is commonly known as a Replacement Deed Poll.

Adult Deed Poll Application

  • Same day drafting (Proof)
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Professionally Presented
  • Privacy Assured
  • Fast and Reliable
  • All Debit & Credit Cards accepted
  • From £7.99

Child Deed Poll Application

  • Same day drafting (Proof)
  • 100% Guarantee
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  • Privacy Assured
  • Fast and Reliable
  • All Debit & Credit Cards accepted
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How we work


Complete the appropriate form above to begin, clicking either the adult or child form. Try it to find out.
When you have completed the online form, and submitted the form you will be sent a receipt instantly, then will manually draft your eCopy Deed Poll and send it to your given email address same day formatted in an unlimited print PDF Document.
Once you receive your email from admin, you should then open and read your eCopy Deed Poll, (attached PDF view and read instantly on all devices) You can also print and use your eCopy same day should that be required. It must be executed (Signed & Witnessed) before it becomes a legal document. Please DO NOT photocopy once executed, many record holders may refuse it, causing you delays in the process.
You will then need to wait for your certified copy/copies to be delivered, we will ask you how you would prefer your Deed Poll to be delivered. (Royal Mail Standard postage is included in our fee - within 1-3 working days.)
Royal mail will then deliver your hard-copy deed poll, which by this point you can then begin to distribute your Deed Poll and notify all your legal record holders of your change of name. (We will also send you a list of the Top 10 UK legal record holders, as this may be of some guidance in the process.) A good place to start would be with your bank account, we shall include a customised covering letter to make things even easier for you. *Once your HMRC/DWP/National Insurance/Passport/Driver's Licence/Bank account(s) all have been updated you will rarely be asked for your deed poll again, just in case we suggest you put your copy in a safe place, you can return your deed poll to HMD fee payable.

UK Government

National Health Service

National Insurance


What exactly is a Deed Poll?

A Deed Poll is a legal document, not a certificate. It binds the person who signs it to a particular course of action, as detailed on the Deed Poll document, such as a change of name. The modern term for this document is a Deed of Change of Name. By executing the Deed Poll (signing, dating and having it witnessed) you are committing yourself to:

i. Abandoning the use of your former name

ii. Using your new name at all times

iii. Requiring all persons to address you by your new name

A Deed Poll therefore provides documentary evidence that you have changed your name and that you are legally binding yourself to using your new name. A Deed Poll is an English legal document, and is recognised by all UK Government Departments and UK companies and organisations.

What is the purpose of a Deed Poll?

If you want to get all of your documents and records changed to show a new name e.g. your medical records, bank account, credit cards, passport, driving licence etc, you will be asked to produce documentary evidence of your change of name. A Deed Poll is a formal statement to prove that you have changed your name and it provides you with the necessary evidence of the name by which you wish to be known.

With a Deed Poll

You can change your forename(s) or surname, add or remove names, or rearrange your existing names. You can change your name at any time and for any reason provided. However these reason(s) should not be to deceive, defraud or avoid an obligation. A Deed Poll can be drafted by any British Citizen aged 18 years and over, living anywhere in the world, or by anyone of any nationality, living in the United Kingdom. (Parents can apply on behalf of their children.) It should also be noted that a Deed Poll is only recognised by United Kingdom Government Departments and UK companies and organisations.

Who can apply for a Deed Poll ?

You can apply for a Deed Poll if you are:

A British Citizen living in the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world. If you are a foreign national living in the UK, we advise you to check with your country’s Embassy in London to see if a Deed Poll issued in the UK will be accepted as documentary evidence to get your Passport and other legal documents changed to show your new name. Countries that have a legal system based on the British legal system will usually accept a Deed Poll issued in the UK. However, other countries may ask you to get your deed poll legalised.

We will not prepare a Deed Poll for a name that:

Is impossible to pronounce, includes numbers, symbols or punctuation marks. (Although you can have a hyphen to link forenames or surnames e.g. a double-barrelled surname and an apostrophe in the case of surnames like "O’Riley.")

Names considered vulgar or offensive:

Names containing vulgar language or offensive terms will NOT be accepted for drafting at HMD. This refers to profanities, hate speech, blasphemy etc. Within these restrictions also lie false titles of honour, rank or status e.g. changing a forename to General or Sir/Ma'am.

Copyright (©) and Trademarks (™) protection of names.

There is no copyright or trademark protection for people’s names. For example, if you wanted to change your name to Johnny CASH, you can. However, you cannot use your new name if it is intended for impersonation or deception e.g. if you changed your name to Johnny CASH and you published music and/or lyrics in that name, you could face prosecution for plagiarism.

Who do I advise when I change my name?

After changing your name by Deed Poll, you MUST notify everyone that has your legal records (Passport Office, DVLA, Inland Revenue etc.) to let them know you have changed your name. All of these Government Departments and agencies will need to see your original Deed Poll document (or certified copy) as well as your bank, building society or credit card company. Most other companies and organisations will accept our eCopy. If you have changed the name of your child, you will also be required to provide the letter of consent, which we return when we send you your Deed Poll by post. Templates can easily be found on the Internet.

Can I draft my own deed poll?

Yes. If you have access to a printer, simply print out a template and draft correctly, making sure there are NO errors in spelling, as this may affect the outcome of your document.


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