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Deed Poll
What you will receive within hours of making your submission
Free ePDFDeedPoll™ manually checked and sent Sameday by:- for you to view and print and use same day if need be. This is a legal verifiable document once printed and executed. (postal copy sent sameday)
Are you looking to change your or your child's legal name by Deed Poll, Our Deed Poll document allows you to officially change all or any part of your name. For example, you can change your Surname, Forename (or both), add names, remove names, change the spelling of your names or rearrange your existing names even change your title. You can change your name by Deed Poll as often as you want, at any time and for any reason provided it is not for deceptive or fraudulent purposes.

Every day, (HMD) issue name change Deed Poll documents that are accepted by all Government Departments, Companies and Organisations enabling yourself to get all of your official documents and records changed to your new name including your British passport, driving licence, bank account, credit card, medical, tax and national Insurance records etc.

Since 1851 people have chosen to use the deed poll process, mainly because most government authorities & departments require too see a professionally prepared deed poll to update their records. We have been drafting deed poll documents since 1989 (on-line 2007) and are one of the UK's most trusted issuers of deed poll documents, infact over 30.000 Driving Licences and Passports updated over this time. We provide a easy secure online application process which caters for adults and their children saving you time and money and yes we are accountable for every financial transaction so your in good hands.

What is a Deed Poll?

A Deed poll has various interpretations i.e depol, depole, deedpol, dpol, a deed poll is a legal document binding only to a single person or several persons acting jointly to express an active intention. It is, strictly speaking, not a contract because it binds only one party and expresses an intention instead of a promise. The most common use is a name change through a deed of change of name (often referred to simply as a deed poll). Deeds poll are used for this purpose in countries including England and Wales, the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, New Zealand (until September 1995), Hong Kong and Singapore. In England and Wales a deed poll can also be used to change a child's name, as long as everyone with parental responsibility for the child consents to it. This involves the child's parents executing the deed poll on the child's behalf. In some other jurisdictions, you may simply start using a new name without any formal legal process being required. The usual requirement is that the new name must be used exclusively and that the change was not made with intent to defraud. Such jurisdictions did include Australia where name change by deed poll was possible, but now is done by completing a "Change of Name form".

You can apply for a Deed Poll if you:

Are British and live in the United Kingdom as a British Citizen and are aged 16 or over.

If you are British, you can be living anywhere in the world. If you live in England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you can be of any nationality.

If you are a foreign national living in the UK, we advise you to check with your country’s high commission or Embassy in London to see if a Deed Poll issued in the UK will be accepted as documentary evidence to get your passport changed to show your new name.

Countries that have a legal system based on the British legal system will usually accept a Deed Poll issued in the UK. Other countries may ask you to get your deed poll legalised.

What is the purpose of a deed poll

f you want to get all of your documents and records changed to show a new name e.g. your medical records, bank account, credit cards, passport, driving licence etc, you will be asked to produce documentary evidence of your change of name. A Deed Poll is a formal statement to prove that you have changed your name and it provides you with the necessary documentary evidence of the name by which you wish to be known.

Can I change my children’s names?

You can easily change your child’s name by Deed Poll providing those with Parental Responsibility consent to the name change. If your child is 16 or over, they must execute their own Deed Poll. If you have sole Parental Responsibility and the father has regular contact with your child you should still obtain the father’s consent to the change of name. If a parent with or without Parental Responsibility refuses consent to the change of a child’s name then a Court Order permitting the change should be obtained first.

Replacement Deed Poll

If you did not order your Deed Poll with us we will have no record of your name change. The only thing you can do is apply for a new Deed Poll to replace your original one, but on the other hand if you did change your name with us and have your 18 digit bar-code reference to hand simply email us at the link at the bottom of this page, and then we can email you a free eCopy of your deed poll.

The quickest way to do this is by filling in an application form online after which you should receive your new Deed Poll in a matter of days. When entering your details remember that you are replicating your lost Deed Poll so when asked for your current name you will need to give us your previous name even if you have not used this name for some time.

Your new Deed Poll can be used to notify organisations of your name change and will be accepted by all organisations as proof of it. If you have already notified the relevant authorities of your name change using your original Deed Poll you may simply want to keep the replacement safe for future use.

If you have changed your name several times over the years and now find yourself in a position that a record holder needs you to fill in the missing dates and name changes before they will update your document(s), we can help you do this, this service will include the documentary evidence you will need to continue with your record holder.

Example: John JONES to Tom JONES 1998 then Tom JONES to Troy JONES 2004 then Troy JONES to Tony JONES 2012 then Tony JONES to John JONES-DAVIS 2014 (This example you would need to make 4 submissions)

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my new passport and drivers licence mention my old name?

No, you will receive a brand new passport and driving licence without any mention or reference to your previous name. obviously your change of details will be recorded.

Do I need to send my Deed Poll back to you after I have signed it?

No, once you have executed (signed, and witnessed) your Deed Poll, you can start using it immediately to get your documents and records changed into your new name. You do not need to return your deed to us as its issued as certified by you and HMD, on the other hand you can make an appointment to execute your deed in-front of our solicitor, the charge is currently £120.00, your change of name Deed Poll will be published in the Manchester evening news, an hardcopy of the paper will be sent to your home address (The Manchester Evening News has archives dating back to 1870).

My Name was changed when I was a child. Now I want to revert to my birth name?

Whether you want to change your name to a former name or a new name entirely, you will be required to provide "documentary evidence" of the change. A Deed Poll provides you with the necessary documentary evidence of your name change. After you have reverted to your birth name by Deed Poll, if you are ever asked to prove your identity you can produce your birth certificate alone. However, if you are asked if you have been known by any other name, you must declare your previous names and produce your Deed Poll document if required.

What is legalising a Deed Poll and how do I do it?

Legalisation means is that the UK government (FCO) confirms the authenticity of a legal document or a certificate which is issued within the UK. This enables foreign countries or their embassies to accept the documents because their authenticity has been confirmed by the UK government.

Legalisation is handled by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire. You need to take the Deed Poll and have it witnessed by a Local Solicitor or a notary public nearby to where you live.(£5 -£100 depends on the firm) Write to them: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, King Charles Street, London. SW1A 2AH( They currently charge £30 per document)

Can I keep my passport in my old name and update it on my return?

We strongly advise that you do not travel overseas with documents in different names e.g. your passport in one name and your travel documents, credit cards and driving licence etc. in a different name. If you cannot get your travel documents changed to your new name, we suggest you change your name after your holiday. If you do go ahead and change your name before you travel, only get those documents and records changed that you will not be taking with you.

I'm changing my surname into my boyfriends, can I use the Title Mrs?

Yes, you can change your title to Miss or Ms when you change your name. When you complete our application form, you will see a section where you can tell us what new title you want so we can incorporate a declaration on your Deed Poll that changes your title. Please note, if you change your title, you must ensure that on any application forms, for example for credit, loans, insurance etc, you make it clear your marital status is single.

I'm a male to female transsexual, can I use the title Mrs?

Yes, you can change your title to Miss, Ms or Mrs when you change your name. When you complete our application form, you will see a section where you can tell us what new title you want so we can incorporate a declaration on your Deed Poll that changes your title. Please note, if you change your title to Miss, Ms, Mrs or now Mx, you must ensure that on any application form for credit, a loan or insurance etc you make it clear your sex at birth was male. This is particularly important for insurances because you may get a cheaper rate if the insurer believes you were born a female. In the event of a claim, you will find you will not get paid out if your sex at birth is established. Furthermore, it is a criminal offence to obtain a financial advantage if you deceive someone.

Do I need to inform everyone who knows me that my name has changed?

Yes you do. Two of the declarations you make on your Deed Poll are that you will entirely abandon the use of your old name and you will only use your new name in future. A list of the most common, that you may need to notify will be included with your Deed Poll.

What about asylum seekers?

H-M-Deed Polls are accepted by the UK Border Agency for both Asylum Seekers and Refugees. Please enter your immigration status as your nationality when completing your application form with us.

Dual Nationality?

If you are British and you are also a national of another country (or are entitled to apply for nationality of another country), before you apply for your Deed Poll, you should check with the embassy of your other nationality whether your name change will be recognised by them & If your name change will not be recognised by them and you cannot get your other passport changed to your new name, you need to check if there will be any problems or implications of holding a British passport in your new name and your other passport in your current name.

Changing your name after marriage?

You don’t need a deed poll if you want to take your husband’s surname after marriage. If you send a copy of your marriage certificate to record holders, with a covering letter, your documents and records will be changed for free to show your new surname.

You will need a deed poll if you get married and want to double-barrel or mesh your surname.

Changing your name after divorce?

After getting divorced, you may be able to go back to your maiden name by presenting your marriage certificate and your decree absolute. However, some organisations may not agree to change your name back without a deed poll.

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